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Principal's Message

Administration and school staff were excited to successfully launch the new school year 2021-2022.     As the new year 2022 quickly approached, it brought with it some seemingly impossible hurdles. We at PS 16 have been accustomed to meeting these challenges head on.  Our resolve to maintain a high-level of instruction, safe and secure learning environment albeit in our buildings or remote, will never waiver. We will continue to expect our staff , student body and school community to work cohesively to ensure the success of all our students.   Our staff, students and parents have adapted and kept working tirelessly during the past few years. These efforts have preserved the fabric of our school and have made us stronger together.  PS 16 is lucky to consist of dedicated staff and committed students that are supported by an active and involved parent community. Mr. Salgado and I are proud of our students and our staff. We are confident that with your continued support, we will maintain our school’s mission while fostering a resilient community during these unprecedented times.